NH's moose license plates generate lots of $$$

The state of New Hampshire's special moose license plate has been so popular with it's residents that it's raised more than $20 million dollars for the NH Conservation License Plate Program! The plate was first issued in 2000 and all the money raised thus far has been used for state projects, some of which include planting wildflowers along the state highways, wildlife conservation efforts, and maintaining and upgrading historic properties. After the addition of the letter "P", which stands for preservation, that makes a total of 3 letters thus far for the moose license plate. The other two are, "C" for conservation and "H" for heritage. When asked about it, Commissioner of the State Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Sarah Stewart said "I guess our ultimate goal would be to hit "Z" some day. Maybe we'll need bigger plates."


The high amount of revenue generated for the Conservation License Plate program is a huge success for NH. Two of the big state agencies that have benefited is the NH Department of Fish and Game and Department of Transportation. 25% of the moose plate revenue proceeds go towards the endangered species and non-game programs. A Fish and Game spokeswoman, Nicola Whitley said that "each dollar from the moose plate program is matched with federal grant money".  

The state has now created a special website for the moose plates, which you can visit, HERE! The big question how is should I get a moose license plate, after my recent move to the state of NH? This is right up my alley. I think my car would look good with the moose on it! I'm digging it and love the idea of donating to the endangered species and non-game programs but also the many other beneficial programs for the state. 

The cost of a standard non personalized moose plate is $8 to buy and then an annual renewal cost of $30. I'm thinking about a nice moose plate that says "Lightning" or some variation of it... Hmmm. I might have to take this to our listeners for a vote! 

-Producer Lightning


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