When you're prepared for any Supreme Court pick...

posted by Lightning -

The Supreme Court nominee has been announced after much anticipation. The left and those alike have been prepared to protest no matter who the pick is! They gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday night to protest whoever that may be. In tow was Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to rile up and lead the crowd. What's really quite jarring though is the fact that they were prepared to protest whoever the pick was just based on the fact that it was a pick from the President. That's really the main basis for the protest. Of course the protesters think Roe vs. Wade is going to get overturned by anyone the POTUS picks so that's the bread and butter of their fight. They believe anyone Trump picks is going to overturn it, before even hearing from the individual pick themself. 

Take a look at some of the bumper sticks/signs made by the left, just to be prepared...

They made these before even knowing the pick! This just goes to show you most of these protesters are there to protest any POTUS choice regardless of the pick's actual morals, values, and stance. It's an assumption by association. Quite ridiculous...

-Producer Lightning



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