Winnie The Pooh live action film!

There was "Goodbye Christopher Robin" and now there is "Christopher Robin". The first movie, "Goodbye Christopher Robin" tells the story about the creation of the beloved books. It's about the author, Alan Alexander Milne nicknamed "Blue" who wrote the books about his son and his beloved fictional woodland friends based off the remote acreage they were surrounded by at their home. The story goes on to tell how Christopher Robin ended up hating the publicity and resenting his parents because of it. Then Christopher goes off to war and is believed to be dead. It actually takes a sad turn. It comes back around though for a somewhat happy ending. Christopher ends up coming back from a long time away at war after having an estranged relationship with his folks and comes back to reunite with his parents and it ends there.

As for the latest edition, "Christopher Robin" (not sure if this is a continuation of the first), it tells the story about an adult Christopher Robin who tries to balance family life with his mundane work life. Pooh bear and the gang enter back into Christopher's life and the tale goes on. Winnie the Pooh and the rest of the gang are indeed talking animals in this film with regular actors hence the "live action". 

Take a look at the official trailer that's been released!


I'm intrigued! Of course I am because I'm a Disney fan and Winnie The Pooh is just so lovable! I'm already melting over Eeyore and his big lump self! The animation of this live action is beautiful and interesting. I like the teddy bear cuddliness of the characters. I'd go see this. I was on the fence about the Dumbo live action but this one I can get behind! I hope it's a happy ending though. I can't imagine it not being one.

-Producer Lightning


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