High Heel Crocs are a thing

The shoe company, Crocs, known for their comfortable flat clogs has now come out with a high heel version of their shoes. The original design of the clogs had holes in them and looked very peculiar. I personally think they are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen...Sure, they might be comfortable (the most comfortable shoe ever according to a lot of people), but they are still ugly! Their look alone discourages me, but that's me. 

Original Crocs shoe design

Original Crocs shoe design

Now, as if the original Crocs were not enough, they invented, designed, and came out with a high heel version & people are going nuts! Crocs did come out with a wide variety of colors and designs for their original design, but now the high heel version takes the cake! High heels are supposed to be for the special occasion where fashion takes precedent over comfort. In Crocs' case, they are clearly all about comfort and in my opinion, not fashion. They are being smart though because we'd be fooling all of ourselves as woman if we didn't wish for more comfortable high heel shoes so this certainly is appealing to many. Take a look at the new "Cyprus Croc":

I will say, this shoe is very odd looking. Maybe that's just me but I wouldn't purchase a pair no matter how comfortable they are. The look of them is not stop online buyers though. The $44.99 pair of shoes is selling out. However people are trying to make a profit off them by reselling on Amazon for a couple hundred bucks because the demand is there. 

If you want to purchase any pair of Crocs, original design or other, you can visit their website, HERE.

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