Watermelon anyone?

There are people out there that hold records for some of the craziest or strangest things. It always fascinates us though. As humans, we are intrigued and curious about things people do and accomplish that we don't see everyday. The Guinness Book of World Records is the book of all record books that holds info on them all! 

While there are literally hundreds of world records, the latest one we came across that is now grabbing attention, is the record for most watermelons cut on or across your stomach in 60 seconds. Yes, you heard right, on your stomach and actually with a sword! Ashrita Furman, the man who broke the record, sliced through the competition! (pun intended!) Watch the record breaking moment, here!


It's a miracle he didn't slice open his stomach! Based on that fact alone I'm shocked. More so than the number of watermelon sliced in 60 seconds.

-Producer Lightning


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