Did Clapper Admit Obama Was Behind The Russia Witch Hunt?

PHOTO:  Getty Images

It's been widely speculated that the DOJ and Deep State began the Russian Witch Hunt against President Trump at the urging of one Barack Obama.  The Democratic Media Complex has been quick to deflect any blame from God Former President Obama.  But everyone's favorite Former CIA Director joined CNN's Wolf Blitzer, and dropped a MOAB about the fake Russia Collusion narrative:


That's quite a Freudian slip, Mr. Clapper.  Or maybe not.  The arrogance of the Obama DOJ is unprecedented, so perhaps Clapper no longer cares.  Either way, the comments are more an affirmation of what was done, as opposed to a revelation.  

In the meantime, to help your blood pressure drop a little, enjoy this related slip, where Obama admits he is from Kenya.  

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