"Sam-Sam, The Pickle Man" beer is a thing

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Pickle lovers unite! Pickle beer is a thing and it's brought to us here locally in the New England, Boston area! Down The Road Beer Company out of Everett, MA teamed up with Grillo's local pickle company here (also in New England), to create a specialty pickle beer they are calling, "Sam-Sam, The Pickle Man". The beer was originally created for the Boston Pickle Fair that was held back in June. It was so popular there that it left people wanting more! Unfortunately the beer is currently "sold out" but it has many people hopeful that it will make a comeback! Find out more about "Sam-Sam, The Pickle Man" below: 

PICKLE BEER Actually Exists!

PICKLE BEER is a real thing and it'll keep you cool all summer long!

Posted by In Other News on Thursday, July 19, 2018

If you want to know more about Grillo's Pickles that started in 2008, visit their website, HERE!

& To find out more about Down The Road Beer Company in Everett, visit their website, HERE!

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