Trump's "Hollywood Walk of Fame" Star gets damaged

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star got damaged/destroyed by an opposer of Trump. The opposer took a pickaxe/sledgehammer to the star and cracked the star and broke it into pieces. Apparently this is not the first time. The star was also destroyed back in 2016 during the time of the election. POTUS Trump was initially award the star back in 2007 for his NBC show, "The Apprentice". 

Take a look at the most recent damage:


According to reports the police do have a suspect in custody for the damage of the star. No charges have been made as of yet. As mentioned, this is not the first time people have taken to defacing or destroying the star. During marches in LA back in March for equality, people have covered the star with stickers and then when POTUS Trump was elected, the star was first destroyed.

Trump star after equality march in LA
Worker replaces Trump star in 2016 after damage

-Producer Lightning


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