CNN Reporter gets banned from White House event

A CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins gets banned from a White House event after making what is deemed "inappropriate" comments or questions after a meeting with the press in the Oval Office at the White House. Collins kept on pressing after the WH staff told the press the meeting was over numerous times. She just kept at it while they were trying to usher the press out. This meeting in the Oval Office was with President Trump and another World Leader, European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker. 

So what did she ask that was so offensive or inappropriate to POTUS Trump? She pressed him about his personal affairs, more specifically about Michael Cohen, oh and of course Putin. You can't forget Putin!


If you watch the video inside the Oval Office, it's clear by the look on POTUS Trump's face that he is fed up and less than pleased to be pestered with these types of questions while he has a world leader sitting in his midst. Especially after the meeting has already come to a close and he's trying to prep for his next public appearance in the Rose Garden. Watch the interaction here:


As Collins said here, she was later called to the West Wing and spoken to by Bill Shine and Sarah Huckabee Sanders as to her dismissal after the inappropriate comments. No Rose Garden invitation for her!

Do you think Collins' questions were so called "inappropriate" and warranted a dismissal? Maybe it was just the setting of having a world leader present. It would be another story if it was a setting of just POTUS Trump and the press but he was hosting a guest. I can see why he would be annoyed or embarassed, really. That's just my thoughts though. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

-Producer Lightning


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