Manafort's $15,000 Ostrich Jacket...What?!

Former campaign manager for President Trump, Paul Manafort is currently on trial for tax and bank fraud. He evaded taxes on $60 million dollars that he made working for a pro Russian/Ukranian group. It was brought up in his trial that Manafort lived a very luxurious lifestyle. According to the Assistant US Attorney Uzo Asonye, Manafort spent more than half a million in "fancy clothes" and owned about 7 homes. All the money that Manafort made was hidden from authorities throughout roughly 30 different bank accounts in three foreign countries. When his consulting fees ran out or dried up, Asonye said that Manafort "created cash out of thin air and debt" and ended up scamming American banks. 

We now know from the first day of the Manafort trial, just exactly what he spent on clothing and what those items were. An ostrich jacket anyone? Paul was certainly interested, seeing as how he spent $15,000 on one! Would you ever?

Manafort is charged with 18 counts of bank and tax fraud and is being tried in Alexandria, Virginia. Let's see what else is revealed in day two and beyond of the Manafort trial. 

-Producer Lightning

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