Pimple Popping Toy!! I'm so disturbed...

There is a new toy out that literally simulates you popping pimples. It's quite jarring to watch because it looks like you can pop a pimple with pus coming out. It's gross, disturbing, creepy, and just gives me the chills! I can't watch this toy preview video without getting them!


Creepy. Just creepy and gross! People love popping pimples though. It's become so popular that there are YouTube videos of people legit videoing themselves popping pimples. One of the more popular YouTube users is "Dr. Pimple Popper". & I will tell you I almost passed out from watching one of her videos but it has like over a million views. If you want to see the hype and what I'm talking about, here is the video but I'll warn you, it's graphic and not for the faint of heart!!!


Overall I don't get the obsession with popping pimples. I think now having a toy to curb your enthusiasm over it is disturbing but I suppose there are worse things to obsess over...

UGH I'm still getting the chills though!

-Producer Lightning


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