Panera's Double Bread Bowl!

All our bread bowl fantasies are coming true with Panera's double bread bowl! Panera is testing out this bread bowl option at their Philadelphia locations first then if it becomes a hit, they will start rolling them out in the rest of their stores nationwide. Come on Philly peeps, make this happen for the rest of us! I don't know about you guys but I LOVE Panera (this is not a commercial, just my honest opinion) and their soup and food in general is great. I can't get enough of their Broccoli Cheddar soup. I love it so much that I'm actually allergic to broccoli and I suffer the consequences every once in a while because I like it that much! Now if that's not true love for Panera, I don't know what is! 

I can already envision myself ordering a bread bowl with the Broccoli Cheddar soup on one side and the Mac n' Cheese on the other side. Yummmmm!

So Philly this is on you. Make it happen for us!

-Producer Lightning

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