This Weekend's Box Office Hits!

It's the first weekend in August and the summer blockbusters continue! What's coming out this weekend? What can you take your kids to or go to with your spouse? Your friends? I have the scoop with the trailers right here for ya!

Weekend of August 3rd:

"Christopher Robin"

It's finally out! I have blogged about this before and how the live action Winnie The Pooh movie is finally here! It's about a grown up Christopher Robin who has a family of his own and is struggling with the daily struggle of trying to juggle his grueling job and spending much needed time with his family. Winnie the Pooh pops back up in Christopher's life at a time when he needs him most. This is definitely a family friendly movie to bring the whole family to. Check out the trailer!


"The Darkest Minds"

This is a suspense thriller about teenagers who have mysteriously developed special powers and the government believes them to be a threat. As a way of handling it, the government sends these kids to detainment camps. The story highlights this one girl, Ruby who escapes the camp, runs away and joins other runaways in searching for a safe haven. Check out the trailer below:


"The Spy Who Dumped Me"

A comedy starring Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon who are friends that get caught up in an international conspiracy after one of them discovers that her ex-boyfriend (who just dumped her) is actually a real life spy. This is a movie to check out with your friends for some good laughs! Check out the trailer:


"Death of a Nation"

This is actually a documentary style movie made by Dinesh D'Souza about how not since 1860 with the Lincoln election/presidency have the Democrats so vocally rejected the result of an American election until now with Donald Trump. This film is for all the political/history fans out there. D'Souza brings it again in his latest film. Check out the trailer below:


There is a little something for all movie lovers out there, hitting theaters this weekend. Enjoy the flicks and have a great weekend!

-Producer Lightning 


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