Weymouth mayor on dedicating library room to Adams

The mayor of Weymouth, Robert Hedlund has proposed the idea of dedicating a new room in the Weymouth Tufts library, in honor of Vera Adams. Adams was the fallen citizen in last month's tragic shooting of a police officer (Chesna) and innocent bystander (Adams) by a criminal. The Tufts library located in Weymouth will have some new rooms and Hedlund hopes to dedicate one of the sunny reading rooms in her memory. The decision needs to be run by the town's memorial committee for a vote for it to be followed through with. 


It looks promising that one of the sunny reading rooms will eventually be dedicated in Vera Adam's honor. The general census from library goers is positive and they seem to be on board with it. We'll keep an eye on what happens down there in Weymouth.

-Producer Lightning


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