Alligators get itchy too, okay!

Alligators get itchy too! Down at the Everglades Holiday Park in Florida, a staff member was seen inside the alligator holding area, scratching it's back using a big push broom! You can't make this stuff up. I don't know how she was so calm about it & to boot she was barefoot while doing it! She must have nerves of steel! 

The gator is just living the life! Soaking it all in down there in Florida. I can't get over the woman staffer who is barefoot and whoever is videoing this moment is facing the gator and looks to be in close proximity. Clearly they were not phased by being up close and personal with the gator. Who knows, maybe the videographer is behind a fence or something but still. 

The whole encounter is just fascinating to me. I love watching random animal videos, especially with animals we don't actually interact with day in and day out!

-Producer Lightning

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