National Left-Handers Day; 5 ways it's a positive

Happy National Left-Handed Day! or National Left-Handers Day! I'm not left handed but VB & Jim are, so in making our resident lefties happy, I found a list that MSN put out regarding 5 ways that being a lefty can have a positive affect on your life. They are as follows:

    1. A Better Athlete

One of the best athletes of all time was Babe Ruth and he was a lefty. Some say it could be credited to that fact. In addition a 2017 study done by "Biology Letters" found that lefties were "over represented" in sports that require quick response time like baseball, table tennis, etc.

 2. More Creative

Researchers found that lefties are more likely to have a highly developed right atmosphere of the brain, which in turn is the part of the brain associated with creativity. People who write with their left hands are also thought to be associated with "superior divergent thinking". "That is a process of thought that explores possible solutions and generates creative ideas based on existing information."

     3. You Think Differently

Information tends to be passed for frequently between your brain hemispheres which lead to unique ideas and solutions. In other words, they are more "open-minded". They are not so stuck on one solution or being so lateralized.

    4. Possible Good Health Benefits

A study conducted by Laterality of over 1 million people, left handed individuals had lower rates of arthritis and ulcers.

  5. You Face Challenges Better

In a study done by A Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 47 righties and 50 lefties were tested for their performance. The results suggest that lefties have better mental flexibility. That was according to MSN & within that article, The New Yorker. 

So there you go! Lefties, you have some positive qualities and good potentials just for being a lefty! With that being said Happy National Lefties Day!

-Producer Lightning

*information and study results were provided by MSN and Business Insider*


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