Kuhner's Corner: Warren’s "Deplorables" Moment

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Elizabeth Warren is an extremist. And everyone now knows it.

The liberal firebrand recently spoke out at historically black Dillard University in New Orleans. She said “the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist … I mean front to back.”

In particular, the Massachusetts Democrat Senator said law enforcement was systemically racist in three ways—the disproportionate arrests of blacks compared to whites regarding petty crimes, especially the use of marijuana; an overburdened public defender system; and state laws that prevent convicted felons from voting after they have served their sentences.

Yet, her words and intent were clear: all cops are a bunch of bigots. Moreover, she vilified not just every police officer, but judges, public prosecutors and citizens who sit on juries—after all, they are also part of the so-called “racist” justice system Warren decries.

In her deranged radical leftist worldview, the police equal the Ku Klux Klan. Her comments were dangerous and reckless. They assault the very legitimacy of our criminal justice system, portraying it as deeply flawed, oppressive and bigoted. This only emboldens domestic hate groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to continue their war on cops. If the entire system is racist, as Warren alleges, then its officers are evil individuals upholding an illegitimate regime. BLM and Antifa thugs have used this exact argument to assault, attack and assassinate police officers over the past several years. For example, in 2016, a BLM supporter ambushed and murdered five Dallas cops. His motive: to strike out at the “racist” police. Warren is simply pouring more fuel on the violent fires raging across the revolutionary left.

Her comments, however, are not only inflammatory. They are slanderous. Yarmouth Sgt. Sean Gannon was murdered by a violent career criminal. So was Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna, who was shot execution-style after responding to a call about a burglary. Both men were killed in the line of duty; both of the perpetrators were released back onto the streets by liberal judges. Warren never—not once—denounced these hack judges for their irresponsible and pernicious actions. But to Warren, Gannon and Chesna were bigots, ultimately defending a white supremacist justice system. She owes every law enforcement officer and their families an apology.

Instead, Warren is doubling down. When pressed to retract her sweeping smear, she again talked about the discrepancy in arrests between blacks and whites over marijuana possession. And then she added another reason: white collar criminals are often above the law and get away with their crimes, while ordinary people who lack political connections and vast personal wealth are sent to prison. In other words, Warren claims we have a two-tiered justice system—one for the rich, and one for the rest of us.

First, someone needs to tell her that Massachusetts’ voters decided through a ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana. Every adult in the Bay State—black, white, Hispanic, Asian—can get high without fear of getting arrested. Hence, that issue is now off the table. If Warren spent any time in her state rather than peddling her books across the country (in which she’s pocketed over $1.5 million—not bad for an enemy of the “one-percent”), she would know that. More importantly, Warren is an incorrigible hypocrite. She was a big backer of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary is the embodiment of gangster capitalism and white-collar crime. The Clintons embezzled over $250 million using the Clinton Foundation as their personal slush fund. Hillary belongs behind bars. For Warren to decry our two-tiered justice system is akin to Hugh Hefner denouncing promiscuity. In fact, Warren herself has engaged in fraud. What else does one call lying about being a Native-American Indian in order to get a tenure-track job at Harvard University making $350,000 a year to teach one course? Warren is a con artist masquerading as a populist.

This time, however, Fauxcohontas is being called out. Leading the charge is state Rep. Geoff Diehl, a Republican primary candidate seeking to challenge her in November. Diehl rightly points out that Warren’s call to abolish ICE and vicious attacks on police officers is spreading a climate of hate and violence against law enforcement personnel. Recently, a Cambridge man—and staunch Warren supporter—was arrested for putting out a bounty on social media, vowing to pay for “anyone who kills” an immigration agent.

“We now have a man putting a bounty on the heads of ICE agents. Senator Warren’s irresponsible statements are partially to blame,” Diehl said. “She has a responsibility to support our law enforcement officials. Her call to abolish ICE and painting the entire criminal justice system racists are reckless and dangerous.”

Diehl is right. Even for Massachusetts, Warren has revealed herself to be too extreme. She is not just a left-liberal, but a militant socialist who is outside the mainstream of American life. Her positions speak for themselves: open borders; eradicating ICE; amnesty for all illegal aliens; severe gun control and even confiscation; nationalized health care; “free” college tuition; abortion on demand; transgender bathrooms; voting rights for convicted murderers and rapists; massive redistribution of wealth; universal daycare; lavish welfare benefits for illegals; importing millions of Muslim refugees; appeasement of radical Islam; class warfare; coddling murderous MS-13 gang members; repealing our entire criminal justice system; and raising tax rates to over 50 percent and as high as 90 percent for middle- and working-class families. No wonder Antifa loves her. Warren is a neo-Marxist globalist in everything but name.

Hillary lost the 2016 election when she insulted Middle American voters, calling them “deplorables.” It was a pivotal revelation, showing her to be an arrogant elitist snob, who despises ordinary working folks. Warren has just had her own “deplorables” moment. Fauxcohontas cannot help but demonstrate her sheer contempt for police officers, law enforcement, veterans, business-owners, hard-working taxpayers and law-abiding citizens. She hates traditional America and everything it stands for.

She has no business being in the Senate. And hopefully, like Hillary, Warren will be swept into the dustbin of history.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. He can be reached at jeffreykuhner@iheartmedia.com


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