The real life JAWS!

The real life JAWS! It's a reality down the Cape in Truro. If you didn't see the video that EVERY newscast has captured and blasted all over the TV (and it's hard not to see), here's the infamous shark that attacked a 61 year old man yesterday down in the water at Long Nook Beach.


The unidentified man, again a 61 year old man, suffered bites in his torso and legs. He was helped on the beach after luckily making his way to the shore. Two good samaritans, Kerstin Peter Leitner and Molly Tobin found the victim lying alone along the shore of the beach. They recalled the situation saying, "He had a large wound in his lower left leg," said Tobin, who is a graduate from the Boston College School of Nursing. "We grabbed all the towels that we could, put them on him to stop the bleeding," Kerstin Peter Leitner, another Boston College nursing school graduate said. "Unfortunately, there's no cellphone service, so someone had to run up to a house to call 911," Tobin said.

The unidentified 61 year old was med-flighted to Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Today, Long Nook Beach is closed until further notice. With that being said, would you go in the water anywhere down the cape today knowing that a shark attack just occurred?? 


I know I would not be going anywhere near that water today or any other day knowing what I know! I mean I go as far as maybe my waist, that's it and even that's pushing it. If I see seals anywhere in sight, that's it for me, I'm out of that water faster than you can even say "shark"! I don't personally go to the Cape hardly ever. I'm more of a Salisbury Beach & Maine coast person. I go north not south. I understand sharks are everywhere but the Cape seems to always have more of a big problem. I'll stick the northern coast thanks! 

-Producer Lightning 


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