Trump's speakerphone mishap; we've all been there!

President Trump sits in the Oval Office ready to make an announcement about a newly revised NAFTA deal with Mexico. He has the press present as you can hear cameras flashing and rolling, ready to capture the moment as it unfolds. What was planned is POTUS Trump was going to put Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on speakerphone to chat and make the announcement regarding NAFTA and how American and Mexico have made a preliminary agreement on trade. Well, that is what happened eventually, not before a little speakerphone mishap where he couldn't actually get through to Enrique on the phone. 


Don't you love technology? We're not making fun of POTUS Trump, we've all been there! He actually handled it fairly well considering he's sitting in a highly publicized scenario. Most of us would probably freak out a bit considering the cameras are rolling and this is a big announcement but he just played it cool. 

You can't help but chuckle a little though at the situation because even the President of the United States can't escape technology having a mind of it's own. Like I said, we've all been there when our devices aren't working and go haywire. It can be frustrating and annoying but you just have to laugh about, which is what social media did...they had fun with it...


"Hello." Enrique are you there? HA! You gotta laugh every so often.

-Producer Lightning


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