Pressley In, Capuano Out! MA Election Results

It was a big night in Massachusetts for many of the local candidates. One of the biggest upsets was when Ayanna Pressley overthrew the long seated, 10 term incumbent congressman, Michael Capuano. Having no Republican opponent running against her in November, Pressley will essentially become Massachusetts first elected black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress. This is history in the making!


Capuano, the long time serving Representative in the 7th congressional district, had nothing but kind words to say about Pressley and assured the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that we will be served well.


Many came out to congratulate Pressley on her win and a lot sent out their congratulations via social media. Elizabeth Warren, who was running in the democratic primary unopposed, sent her congrats: 


Warren will be running against, Republican winner Geoff Diehl who took home the victory last night in the primary! Diehl was up against Beth Lindstrom and John Kingston, but ultimately took home the most votes.


In the race for Governor, Charlie Baker held onto his position for the Republican nomination for re-election to Governor. Dr. Scott Lively put up a respectable fight claiming 35% of the votes to Baker's 65%. Facing Baker in the next batch of poll voting come November is Democratic nominee Jay Gonzalez who beat out Bob Massie with 233,493 votes compared to Massie's 122,930 votes. An interesting fact in all this is that while Gonzalez won and some doubt he can take down Baker, more people turned out for Gonzalez than Baker and Lively combined...


What did you make of the election results from yesterday? Did they turn out as you expected? Kim and VB discuss their thoughts and opinions of yesterday's primary here:


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