Executive Chef Tatiana Rosana Stops By!

Executive Chef, Tatiana Rosana of Outlook Kitchen & Bar at the the Envoy Hotel in Boston, stopped by Boston's Morning Show to chat with Kim and VB about her latest project and all her success! She is appearing on Food Network's show Chopped Tuesday September 11th at 9pm on the episode titled "Under the Cuban Sun". Her task is she will have to butcher whole fish, find a good use for sauce-in-a-jar, and utilize a cocktail in the dessert round (if she makes it to the dessert round!). 


We love talking to a local woman here in our own city who's food we can sample right in our own neighborhood! We wish Tatiana all the best during her time on #Chopped! If you want to read more about Tatiana Rosana and her residency at Outlook Kitchen & Bar at the Envoy Hotel, read on HERE.

-Producer Lightning


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