The Postal Service's new John Lennon stamps

The United States Postal Service is putting out commemorative John Lennon stamps to remember the late Beatle. The stamp features a photo that was taken by photographer Bob Gruen of Lennon back in 1974 on the rooftop of his Manhattan apartment. The stamp is actually specifically designed to look like the record sleeve of a 45 rpm. 


The Postal Service held a mini celebration to honor the release of the stamp, in Central Park last Friday. In attendance was Yoko Ono, Lennon's widow, as well as their son, Sean Lennon. In addition, there were hundreds of Beatles fans in attendance. Yoko Ono spoke at the ceremony: "Everybody loves to listen to John's songs and I'm very proud of it, but also the fact that this day, Imagine and you guys are here. It's incredible." So did Sean Lennon, "I know that my father would have been really thrilled to be accepted, officially in this way, on a stamp, About as official as it gets, I think."

The forever stamps are now available to buy! You can purchase the stamps, HERE on their website!

-Producer Lightning


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