Is This Serena Williams Cartoon Racist?

The latest controversy over Serena William's actions at the U.S. Open Tennis Finals, has spewed numerous articles and now some political cartoons. One in particular is sparking attention and raising eyebrows. It comes to us from the Herald News out of Melbourne, Australia. The caracature depicts the match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka where Williams flipped out on the umpire, calling him a thief. In the caricature, it is showcasing Williams as a big baby and paints the umpire asking the opponent if she'd just let her win. Take a look:


After this caricture came out, people are crying "racist" but is it really? I don't see it. I just see Serena painted as a big baby. I definitely don't see how it would be racist. I think that's a bit of an extreme accusastion. Political cartoons push the limit, highlighting it's figures in outrageous lights and this is no different. It's not unfairly painting her race. It might be unfairly painting her actions, clearly, but in no way her race itself. That's my opinion. What do you think? Do you think this is caricature is racist?

-Producer Lightning


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