Lightning Round: Month of August Calculations

I'm a little delayed in getting these stats out to everyone but nonetheless I have them. Better late than never! Even though August is considered a slow news month where everyone is enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer, surprisingly a lot happened this August. Check out all the news that happened in the month of August and what we talked about here on Boston's Morning Show, just for a recap and to refresh your memory!

Month of August Trump Calculations:

Whole Month of July Talked About Trump: 45%

Whole Month Talked Without Trump: 55%

Week One Big Topics (3 days-short week): 

  • VB announces his new book: “A Frost in Hell" 
  • Voter ID rules 
  • Jim Acosta gets heckled at Trump rally
  • TSA wants to nix screenings 

(48% Talked about Trump this week)


Week Two Big Topics: 

  • Don Jr’s meeting with Russian lawyers
  • Alex Jones gets banned from social media
  • LeBron James-Trump feud
  • Mueller’s Russian Investigation 
  • Local Roxbury Community Center incident-police banned

(40% Talked about Trump this week)

LeBron James open the "I Promise School"

Week Three Big Topics: 

  • Omarosa gets fired from White House
  • Elizabeth Warren makes racist remarks about law enforcement
  • Aretha Franklin passes away
  • Local Cape Cod-Truro shark attack 
  • PA priests large sex scandal info comes out
  • Omarosa’s secret tape recordings from WH & her book 

(52% Talked about Trump this week)

Omarosa's Book: "Unhinged"
Aretha Franklin remembered

Week Four Big Topics: 

  • ICE vs. the media
  • Trump fears perjury
  • Michael Cohen pleads guilty 
  • Paul Manafort is found guilty on 5 counts of tax fraud 
  • Molly Tibbetts’ body found in Iowa

(48% Talked about Trump this week)

Michael Cohen pleads guilty

Week Five Big Topics: 

  • John McCain passed over weekend-flags not half-mast right away
  • Don McGahn resigns from WH
  • Upcoming MA state primaries-campaigning 
  • Florida’s Rep. Ron DeSantis makes comment about “monkey it up” & causes controversy 

(39% Talked about Trump this week)

John McCain remembered

That's the month of August's recap of the headlines for you. Tune in next month when we uncover what all the big stories of September were!

-Producer Lightning


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