Is this Weather Channel reporter for real?? No!

A male reporter from the Weather Channel was stationed down in North Carolina to cover Hurricane Florence. While filming his piece for TV, he's really playing it up, pretending to hang on by a thread as the wind is practically blowing him over. As the viewers are watching this display, two men just casually stroll by down the street in the background! It's literally "fake news" at it's best! Take a look at this! It's straight comedy:


You can't make this stuff up! Although apparently the reporter can! Do you enjoy the show these weather reporters put on? Or does it bother you? I find it humorous. It's fabricated and we should all assume from now on that any weather related reporting is. It's the sad reality but I suppose it's a reality I'm okay with because I don't even consider it real news anymore. It's entertainment. Will we even have real news anymore? Ever since Trump took office, our news has been one big "show" in my opinion. What do you think?

-Producer Lightning 


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