This man is a hero. Cue the water works!

A man down in Leland, North Carolina made an effort to rescue this group of trapped Beagles who were left behind as Hurricane Florence approached. We don't know the circumstances of how and why these cute dogs were left behind or if it was on purpose. Maybe the person(s) responsible had a good reason for it. We don't know. What we do know is this young man made a conscious effort to go and let them out. The dogs were clearly eager to get out as they were on their hind legs jumping at the fence/cage. They were ecstatic to see someone coming to their rescue. Watch the heroic moment here, cue the water works!


I'm a huge animal lover/advocate so this brings joy to me to see these dogs get rescued! I'd like to hope and think that down there in the Carolinas, they made every effort they could to evacute the local shelters and get the animals to safety and that this was just a fluke incident. I'm just happy these dogs were released from their prison and ultimately brought to safety!

-Producer Lightning


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