M&M's gets worldly on us with their new flavors

M&M's is testing out 3 new flavors that they are bringing to the public. It's all about the flavors! Lays Potato Chips does it, Oreo cookies does it, and so does M&M's. It's smart on their part because our culture loves the idea of trying new flavors. It's fun and exciting. We get bored easily and want something new to get excited about! We're a society of instant gratification and numerous options so we can't always have the same old, same old. I'm all about not changing a good thing but let's offer other options too for those of us who like variety! 

With that being said these are the 3 new "wordly" M&M flavors:

  1. English Toffee Peanut
  2. Mexican Jalapeno Peanut
  3. Thai Coconut Peanut

M&M brands asks you to try and vote for your favorite flavor! I might have to sample these & do a taste test blog. I will say the last "vote for your favorite" M&M's I did, I liked the Coffee Nut flavor the best. It was up against the Chili Nut & Honey Nut. I believe that was a bit ago. They've since done another flavor vote with Mint, Raspberry, and Espresso. Mint won that vote. I have tried the espresso and liked it but didn't test it against the others. I'm going to predict with the 3 latest flavors, I think the English Toffee Peanut will win. It seems the best pairing with chocolate. That's just my thought though. I think that will be my favorite, although I'd like to try that and coconut. Jalapeno? No. Not my thing. I don't do spicy! We'll see what flavor ends up on top...

-Producer Lightning


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