The fire ants are back! Watch out!

The fire ants are back and floating along! As we remember back in 2017 with Hurricane Harvey, we saw the shocking videos of the fire ants floating along in mounds down the street as flood waters devastated the surrounding area. Now, with Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas the fire ants are doing the same thing down there, floating along as they grab onto one another and form a solid object to survive. Local authorities warn to avoid them at all costs as they will quickly grab onto any land or object they can to survive! As if the locals down there don't have enough with their homes being flooded, cars destroyed, and local structures demolishing as a result of the storm, they now need to worry about the possibility of fire ants latching onto them! Or the likes of coming in contact with venomous snakes, who have been uprooted as a result of the flooding waters. 


Stay away from those floating islands AT ALL COSTS! They say even boats or oars should steer clear because they can grab onto them and take over!

-Producer Lightning


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