Maroon 5 to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime

According to Variety magazine, they have come out and reported that Maroon 5 has been confirmed by multiple sources to be this coming Super Bowl's Halftime performers. The NFL has not yet confirmed the news and put out a statement saying: “It’s a Super Bowl tradition to speculate about the performers for the Pepsi Halftime Show. We are continuing to work with [longtime sponsor] Pepsi on our plans but do not have any announcements to make on what will be another epic show.” A representative for Maroon 5 has neither confirmed this report.

Maroon 5 certainly seems right in line with the style that has graced the Superbowl Halftime shows in the last couple years from acts like Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars. All those acts have catered to a more modern, current music scene in pop culture so it would not be completely out of the ordinary for Maroon 5 to be chosen as the next musical performer. 


There has been some criticism over this possible choice for the Halftime performer. The Super Bowl is set to take place in Atlanta at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and some are upset that the NFL is not choosing a local artist who is from Atlanta such as Usher or Migos. Rapper Waka Flocka Flame has spoken out to TMZ about his concern saying that "They need somebody from Atlanta, it's only right. You're coming to the biggest black state in America. Why wouldn't you let a black artist perform and show the world that we're progressing? That's not cool.".

Waka Flaka does make a good point that given the controversy in the NFL with taking a knee, it wouldn't be a bad idea if they choose a black performer to show they are trying to be progressive.

As of right now, it looks to be that Maroon 5 will be the performers. If they are, more likely than not they will bring special guests to perform with them and maybe Maroon 5 themselves will take it into their own hands to have some black performers on stage with them to represent.

-Producer Lightning 


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