Dunkin Donuts is dropping the "Donuts"

New England's beloved Dunkin Donuts is dropping the "Donuts" in their name and going with just "Dunkin". Now they already have been experimenting with this idea for months now, having opened it's first "Dunkin" location in Quincy, MA on Washington Street. Quincy is the birthplace of Dunkin Donuts so it only seemed appropriate to try out their first rebranding of "Dunkin" there. I personally have been to the rebranded location and they have a good operation going. There they have a test kitchen of sorts to try out new products on the public and see if they are a success. I have done a taste test on their donut fries there before they released them to all their locations and they were decent. The rebranded location is in a great location on a busy commuting road through Quincy and I think it's done well for itself so I can see how Dunkin Donuts is moving forward with the "Dunkin" name. With that being said though, some are less than enthusiastic about the name change saying it's what shows their history and makes them who they are. It's like getting rid of a part of them. The argument is whether that part of them is still working or not? If it's not working, then yes rebrand but some are saying, it's still working. Donuts are sold there and very much part of their brand so why change the name? Why change the name indeed...? A lot of customers call it "Dunks", "Dunkin", and "Dunkies" anyway because saying "Dunkin Donuts" is just too long to say to be honest. Maybe that's a big part of it, maybe they want to be more "modern". Or maybe it's to highlight the fact that 60% of their sales are from coffee and other beverages and they want to highlight that...


Dunkin Donuts is credited with really giving light to the term "donut", based on how much the term was publicized. With that being said we've heard some want to keep the name based on the history of having donuts and some believe it's time for a change based on the popularity in sales of their coffee and drinks. What do you think of the name change? Should it happen or not? Yay for "Dunkin" or Nay?

Kim & VB butt heads on it, take a listen!


-Producer Lightning


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