The Office props are up for auction!

Everyone's favorite paper supplier is auctioning off some of their supplies! Fans of "The Office" that featured Steve Carell as Michael Scott, John Krasinski as Jim Halpert, and Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute can rejoice over this one as they bid for their favorite items. Do you want Jim's desk lamp that's been featured in numerous shots of him at his desk messing with Dwight? Or do you want Michael Scott's Neon St. Pauli Girl Beer Sign? Even bid for THEE Dunder Mifflin Reception Desk from The Office! All these can be yours for the right price!


This is a clever idea because who wouldn't want a piece of their favorite TV show? I know I would. I would consider purchasing a prop from my favorite character for sure. How cool would that be as part of your entertainment collection to be like, "oh this tape dispenser on that shelf right there? It was Pam Halpert's from "The Office!" I think that's wicked cool! Now I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars on it but maybe I'd spent a hundred or two if I was really into it. I have my limits. 

The prop items from The Office are being auctioned off on the website, You can create an account, check out the items and make your bids there! To view the website and bid, go, HERE

Some examples of items being auctioned and their price is as follows:

1) Dwight's Framed Photo of Teenage Dwight:

  • Current Bid: $450
  • Asking Bid: $500

2) Erin's Message Book:

  • Current Bid: $150
  • Asking Bid: $175

3) Jim's Fun Paperwork #2 in Folder:

  • Current Bid: $275
  • Asking Bid: $300

4) Phyllis's Desk

  • Current Bid: $150
  • Asking Bid: $175

5) Andy's Blue Speckled Swivel Chair:

  • Current Bid: $175
  • Asking Bid: $200

Most are in the hundreds range but you'll find a couple thousand dollar asking prices for some of the big ticket items. I would say this is reasonable considering it was a very popular, successful running show. It's doable even for the working, everyday Joe. It might be a splurge, luxury item but something as a special birthday present or Christmas present. This is a cool gift for the TV lover in your family!

Happy bidding!

-Producer Lightning


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