Barbra Streisand attacks Trump with new song

Famed singer Barbra Streisand, known for the 1960s film "Funny Girl", and "A Star is Born", in which both films she received an Academy Award for, has come out with a brand new song. Great right? Wrong. It's an attack song. It's aimed directly at President Trump! How do we know? She admitted it! The Associated Press caught up with Streisand and she told them that her new song "Don't Lie to Me" at first was just very subtly aimed at POTUS Trump but then she couldn't help herself, she says: "I just went ballistic".

I'd go as far as saying the entire song is written about him. You tell me...


It starts out the song with: "Why you can't just tell me the truth? Hard to believe the things you say." She didn't waste any time! She goes onto sing a powerful chorus:

How do you sleep when the world keeps turning? 

All that we built has come undone. 

How do you sleep when the world is burning?

 Everyone answers to someone....

Don't lie to me, Don't lie to me, You lie to me!

Oh man, Streisand is going for the jugular! I will say it's a good song because of how great of a voice she has. I understand a lot of music and songs are emotionally inspired and based. Clearly Streisand has a lot of "feelings" about POTUS Trump...What do you think of this? 


-Producer Lightning


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