SNL re-enacts the Kavanaugh Hearing

Saturday Night Live is back and started out with a bang Saturday night! They brought in special guest Matt Damon to play Judge Brett Kavanaugh in their reenactment of the Kavanaugh hearings where Dr. Ford & the Judge both testified merely days earlier. 


I will say Damon does look the part! In addition to Damon, SNL brought in some other star studded actor/comedians to play various Senators. Local woman and SNL alum, Rachel Dratch was brought on to play Sen. Klobuchar in their effort to mimic that famous moment during the hearing when Kavanaugh started debating Sen. Klobuchar on drinking and turning her questions around on her asking if she ever drank...


There were so many classic moments from the original Kavanaugh hearing that happened on Thursday that gave SNL plenty of material to go with. Another big take away that we remember from Thursday's circus act was when Senator Lindsey Graham flipped out on the Democrats saying it was the biggest political sham he's seen in all his years of politics. Going on to say: "you want a fair hearing? You came to the wrong town at the wrong time". SNL couldn't let that moment go either without making fun by bringing in Kate McKinnon to portray the Senator and it has Twitter going crazy! Take a look...


With this portrayal by SNL I ask the question, was it funny? Was it appropriate after a long week where much of the country sat in turmoil over this ordeal. I say while I understand the process has been less than easy for both sides, Dr. Ford & Judge Kavanaugh, I think we have to be able to make fun of ourselves a little. We need to lighten the tension. That's not to say that sexual assault is funny or something to make light of because it's not. See how SNL didn't show Dr. Ford, just Kavanaugh? It's okay to make fun of a man being accused but not a woman making claims. Some would call that liberal bias, some would call it common sense to not make fun of a rape victim. I think it was smart on SNL's part. Was it fair? Probably not but as a society we've deemed it okay to make fun of the accused not the accusers. In general though we've become a society of over-sensitive individuals were we've allowed comedy to die. What is comedy nowadays when we can't make fun of anyone or anything? It's dying thanks to the SJWs. Comedy has really lost it's sting because we're all too afraid of being labeled a "racist", "sexist", "Nazi", etc. We've lost our ability to joke and know interpret when people are actually slandering you or not. People can't take a joke anymore and it's sad. 

I find this moderately funny overall. If we can't laugh a little while still knowing when to take things seriously or not then what have we become? Think about that.

Here is the full SNL opener to enjoy or not, that's up to your views.


-Producer Lightning


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