Lohen gets punched in face for trying to take kids

Lindsay Lohen was in Moscow, Russia over the weekend where she tried to intervene in what she thought was two adults trying to traffick two young boys. She kept following and pestering them to leave the boys alone and that the boys could come with her. Little did Lohen know that the two young boys were actually those adult's actual children! Talk about a oops! Lohen persisted in trying to separate the young boys from their parents by grabbing one of the boys hands and she got the surprise of her life when the mother of the two young boys punched Lohen right in the face! The 32 year old actress was actually filming the whole thing live on her Instagram account as it was unfolding and so she even captured the moment she got hit in the face. Take a look!


As if Lindsay Lohen couldn't become more of a train wreck...yes I went there. This is not helping her redemption...I get she believes she was trying to be noble in her thinking but you're in a foreign country and are you really 100% sure these kids were being trafficked...? Clearly, she learned the hard way, they were indeed not being trafficked.

-Producer Lightning


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