NH man broke biggest pumpkin record in N. America!

Congratulations are in order to Steve Geddes for breaking the record for growing the biggest pumpkin in North America! He's a native New Englander from Boscawan, New Hampshire and his pumpkin grew to be 2,528 whopping pounds! He brought his pumpkin to the Deerfield Fair and claimed a prize pf $6,000 after the "governing body for pumpkin growing contests" deemed him the winner who blew the competition out of the water! 

Check out the enormous pumpkin by following the link below from Boston.com!


That's a big pumpkin! We don't know how in the world Steve got the pumpkin to Deerfield...probably by forklift! The world record for the biggest grown pumpkin coming in at a 2,624 pounds belongs to a Belgium man who grabbed the record in 2016.

Congrats Steve!

-Producer Lightning 


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