Did POTUS Trump mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

President Trump was out having fun at a Mississippi rally last night talking to supporters about what's got him fired up in the political world. As one could guess, the Kavanaugh hearing takes center stage as one of the top things on the President's mind. POTUS Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been dragged through the mud by the amount of ludacris sexual misconduct accusations that have come out and Mr. President finds the main accusation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to be fabricated and lacking sufficent facts. 

Trump took the opportunity last night to express his thoughts on Dr. Ford's testimony. A lot are calling his statements mockery and highly inappropriate. Take a look...


Do you think this was mockery? A lot do. Including celebrity Alyssa Milano who was at the Kavanaugh hearing in the background. Some would say she was spotted more than anyone else other than Kavanaugh or Ford themselves! (Side note: it was totally random that she was there). She took it upon herself to express her thoughts via Twitter on Trump's comments last night and thinks it was mockey. The POTUS's son Don Jr. says it was not mockey...


We're divided. Once again another angle surrounding the President's comments or actions has us all up in arms. Cue the shouting matches! Was it mockery? Was it not? Was POTUS Trump being truthful? Was POTUS Trump's actions inappropriate? 

I can tell you my brief thoughts on the President's comments. Am I surprised by them? No. Was I happy with what he said? No, not really but I also was not offended. However I am concerned a bit for other women who actually have been victimized (and are afraid to talk about it because of their own personal traumatic feelings of not wanting to relive the emotions of it) now feeling suppressed and even more afraid to come forward out of fear of public mockery or ridicule. Whether or not Ford was a victim of misconduct, there are real women out there who have been raped or vicitimized and it's not easy to come forward and at the risk of sounding like a snowflake, we do need to create a no-judgement atmosphere for some of these women to express themselves. Overall, I didn't love what the President said last night in his comments about Ford's testimony but I'm not up in arms where I'm going to grab my pitch fork and rally. 

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-Producer Lightning


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