This year's most popular Halloween costumes!

It's October and Halloween will be upon us very soon! With that being said, are you dressing up? Going to any costume parties? Do you know what you're going as? Based on pop culture over the last year, I can tell you what the top predicted and popular costumes are likely to be. If you're going solo or as a couples costume, I got you covered so you know what you could see at those Halloween parties!

Solo Costumes:

1) Tonya Harding

After Maggot Robbie's portrayl of the popular and troubled figure skater in this past year's film, "I, Tonya", Harding is a popular choice for Halloween. Expect to see some shiny leotards gracing your Halloween parties this year!

Tonya Harding

2) Edna Mode (The Incredibles)

The long anticipated "Incredibles" second movie came out finally over the summer and it's generated a lot of popularity, especially among families. Edna, is the eccentric and popular superheros fashion designer who creates their ellaborate and handy outfits. Even though she's a minor character, she's definitely a favorite so expect to see her make an appearance at your Halloween party!


3) Flamingo

For some reason going as a flamingo has been trending this year. According to data on Pinterest, the amount of costume and fashion ideas have been saved at a higher level, going up 77% recently as we near Halloween. Don't be surprised if you see a flock of flamingos show up at your party!


4) Donna from Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia 2 out this past summer and audiences were dancing in their seats. Now they'll be dancing right into your Halloween parties! Donna, the main character is a popular choice this year after all the box office success of the movie. In the second film, it tells Donna's story of how she came to live on this small island in Greece, got pregnant, and met all 3 dads! Dressing up as "young Donna" who is portrayed in the second film, is a popular and fun choice!


5) Wakanda Warrior (Black Panther)

Black Panther the movie was a mega blockbuster hit that generated a lot of fans. More likely than not you see some Wakanda warriors defending your Halloween parties this year! The movie was released this past February and people have been holding out for an excuse (not that they need one) to walk around like a Wakanda warrior and you better believe they'll be around!

Wakanda Warriors-Black Panther

Couples Costumes:

1) Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

No surprise here. How can you not have the latest power couple who's royal wedding just happened this past year as a top choice for a couple's costume this Halloween?! I wish I was doing this but one, my fiance hates to dress up and would definitely not go for dressing like a prince and 2) I've already picked out my costume and I'm excited about it! This is a fun option though and sure to be relevant this Halloween!

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

2) Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson

The newly engaged couple who have gotten together this past year in such a short period of time have been dominating the headlines. Pete Davidson with his bleach blonde hair and Ariana Grande with her high pony and babydoll dresses would make for a popular Halloween costume this year and it's predicted we'll see them out and about at the parties this season.

Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande

3) Riverdale's Betty & Jughead

Based on the Archie comics, the hit TV show has become a staple in pop culture, especially among millennials. Two of the main lovebirds on the show, Betty and Jughead are predicted to be a popular choice among the youngins this year. 


4) Donna & The Dynamos (Mammia Mia)

You gotta have a group costume for the ladies too! This is a super fun and highly popular one this year. As mentioned earlier with Donna as a singles costume, Mamma Mia 2 came out in theaters this past summer and was a big hit among the ladies so expect to see the dancing trio show up at your party this year and what a fun time it'll be!


5) Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin

Another couple who recently got engaged within a short time span is the Biebs and Hailey Baldwin. The young couple is another option pertaining to pop culture that would make for a relevant costume this year. Really how hard is it to bleach your hair and pull out some sloppy lounge mismatched clothing you have and go as Bieber? It might be a good last minute option for you couples out there!

Hailey Baldwin & Justin Bieber

Those are the top trending costumes this year so if you want to stand out and be unique, maybe go with another option but if you want to be current and in line with pop culture, these are some good choices for you! Let me know what you decide to go as! Tweet us your pictures. I'd love to hear what you're going as! Me? Guess what I'm going as? Oh a lightning bolt! I should have done it sooner but now I am!

-Producer Lightning


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