Brett Kavanaugh costume for the win!

This Brett Kavanaugh hearing couldn't have come at a better time. Why? Oh, because Halloween is upon us and you better believe people are going to dress up as him! You need a group costume? No problem, someone dress up as Kavanaugh and the others can dress as various senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. You can't get more relevant than that! There would be no one who wouldn't know what your costume is all about. Now some can argue, "too soon", "inappropriate", "how mean", but it's Halloween and you know what satire shouldn't die. 

With that being said, take a look at this man's costume of Brett Kavanaugh. It's pure gold! 


If anyone needs any costume ideas, this guy is setting a good example for you! The attention to detail in this costume is great too. If you zoom in and look at the beer cans "Kavanaugh" is holding, it says "Brettweiser" instead of Budweiser and "Yale High Life" instead of Miller High Life. Genius! 

I say if this guy was at my Halloween costume, he'd take home the gold in the "Best Halloween Costume Contest"!

-Producer Lightning


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