I would go back to HS if I could go to this school

Before I start, let me say I was not a fan of high school; Drama, acne, body issues, broken friendships/relationships, the works. It was horrible. You couldn't pay me to go back to high school! With that being said there is now one exception. I would go back only if I could attend Walden Grove High School and be a part of their PAC dance performance team! Now, I'm also a dancer. I grew up dancing since the age I could walk until now so I LOVE a good dance performance. Unfortunately my high school did not have a good dance/performance team. I was a part of a local out of school dance competition team but it would have been pretty awesome to be part of an in school team like this as well! 

With all that being said, this school's performance take on the Harry Potter story is everything! Look! I can't get over this!


I'm obsessed. This is fantastic and the best high school assembly in the history of school assemblies! I love this! Can I go back to high school but only here?! Just pure gold. I never in a million years would have thought that I would see Voldemort getting down to Nicki Minaj but here we are...HAHA. These kids and their choreographer teacher need to go on Ellen or America's Got Talent or something!

-Producer Lightning


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