"Bagelgate" has New Yorkers up in arms over emoji!

Apple has released a new emoji: a bagel! That's great news right? We all love communicating with emojis now and believe there should be a picture emoji for everything. Well New Yorkers are NOT happy about the way their beloved bagel is portrayed. They believe it looks like a cheap, store bought frozen bagel you would find in the freezer section. The bagel emoji is just a plain, split bagel with no toppings, spreads, or nothing. It's plain as day and looks boring. 


Did you know that as a result of this "bagelgate", the Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand has jumped on the bandwagon claiming that a bagel without cream cheese is a #"sadbagel" They are so fired up, they started a petition to incorporate cream cheese into the emoji! They ask you to sign their petition. See below:


People take their emojis and their bagels seriously! With that being said are you even that fired up about this? What do you think, should the bagel emoji be changed? Can you see why people are up in arms or do you not get it? Vote in our poll! We'd love to hear your thoughts!


-Producer Lightning


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