Nikki Haley resigns & tells why

The UN Ambassador for the United States of America, Nikki Haley, has resigned. She made the announcement yesterday merely a day after Brett Kavanaugh sat on the court. Haley will work through the end of this year, and at that time it will be two years that she has served in the Trump administation. Theories are circulating out there as to why Haley has resigned. These are a couple of them:

  • She was "Anonymous"
  • She's replacing Pence
  • She'll take Lindsey Graham's seat
  • It's about the money
  • She's wants no part in dirty politics after what happened to Brett Kavanaugh and is afraid of her own secrets coming out

What do you think the real reason is?


Haley has a simple answer for her leaving: "it's time". She says she believes in term limits and knowing when it's time to let the next person come in and take over. In addition, she hinted that she doesn't have the required energy to carry on in that position. She thanked President Trump for the opportunity he has given her and he was appreciative. If you watch the press conference, while POTUS Trump does say he "hates to lose her", it seems as though the two of them have a better understanding of what's to come when it comes to Haley's future...


Who will take Nikki Haley's position? They have a couple months to decide and President Trump says there are multiple people who would like the position. One theory is that Ivanka Trump will take the position, even though she tweeted out yesterday that she would not...


Who do you think would make a good replacement? Kim & VB discuss further...


-Producer Lightning


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