Elizabeth Warren takes DNA Test!

Much to everyone's surprise, Senator Elizabeth Warren has taken a DNA test to detect if she truly has Native American blood. Warren has famously claimed that she is part Native American and has been taught that growing up as her mother's family is partially decended from Native Americans. Now Elizabeth Warren grew up in Oklahoma and that state has a rich and heavy Native American history. Warren spent her life believing she had part Native American blood in her based on family tellings of her heritage. With that being said, after Warren went to law school, she went onto apply at the University of Pennsylvania for a teaching position, as well as Harvard Law school.  On her applications it has been said that she checked the box saying that she is "Native American". Well people found out about it later after she became a Senator and moved into the public eye and criticized her for doing that. She has said time and time again, even after being called out on the box checking, “My Native American heritage is part of who I am, I’m proud of it and I have been open about it.”

Warren has been a big opposer of President Trump pertaining to his temperment and policies. President Trump famously made fun of Warren calling her "Pocahontas" for her claims to being Native American and after it came out that she applied for positions with that "advantage". He basically called BS on her claims and dared her to get a DNA test to prove it and if she took the test, he'd donate $1 million to charity. Well she actually took the test and put up a video about it on her website! Take a look!

A lot of people can't believe she actually did it. Now that she has and it has been proven that she has evidence of Native American heritage, does that move the needle any? Will President Trump donate $1 million dollars because she did technically "take the DNA test"? Others are claiming that this is further proof Warren is gearing up for a run for the White House; to clear things up and prove she is not a liar. This shocking story comes to many of us as a surprise. With this all coming out, what is your take away? 

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