Missouri Painter's "Trump Portrait" hanging in WH

The now famous Missouri painter, Andy Thomas created the artwork that is "The Republican Club". It features Republican presidents of past and present. It's a very flattering portrayal of President Trump as well as the other Presidents. The painter said when asked about their appearances: "I wanted to make everybody look as good-looking as they can, and try to shed the pounds where I need to. Or smooth some lines. I did it with every figure." Thomas's painting has been seen in numerous D.C. gift shops and as jigsaw puzzle boxes, but most recently it was seen hung in President Trump's dining room during a 60 minutes interview with Lesley Stahl.


As you can see, the painting showcases all the Republican presidents having a good laugh, which raises the question for everyone, "What are they talking about"? "Do they all get along?" "What are they each drinking?" A St. Louis newspaper covered an interview between a Washington Post journalist and Thomas where Thomas gave them the scoop! You can read the full details, HERE.

In short, Thomas says that indeed President Trump is drinking a Diet Coke as many speculated and he researched what all the other presidents were known to part take in such as Nixon with a glass of wine.

While President Trump does have a copy or two of this painting, he does not have the original. The original is still in the painter's studio. Thomas says the president's copy is a high quality laser print. 


What do you think of the painting? Do you like it? I think it's a very flattering portrait of all of them so how can you not like it? I'd hang it in my office too if I was President Trump! That's a cool image!


-Producer Lightning


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