Stranger Things Candy Line!

The hit Netflix series Stranger Things has partnered with the candy company, "IT'SUGAR" to put out a specialty themed candy line! Just in time for Halloween, how perfect right? So what's in the candy line? Let's see...gummy waffles as a nod at Eleven's beloved "Eggo Waffle", gummy letters after Joyce Myers painted the alphabet on her living room wall to communicate with Will in the "Upside Down", as well as malted "milk" balls inside a milk carton that has a missing picture of "Barb". I think fans of the show know why that is...

The price of the candy can range anywhere up to $12 per item. In addition to candy there are some custom Ts for all the candy haters out there. The candy is available in select stores but you can also purchcase the candy online by visiting IT'SUGAR's website HERE!

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