Charlie Baker isn't sure if he'll vote for Diehl

During the second Governor's debate between Charlie Baker and Jay Gonzalez, Baker had some remarks to say regarding who he would vote for in the Senate race that has everyone confused and questioning what his real thoughts are on Geoff Diehl. Now remember Charlie Baker said he would back the Republican ticket, which is indeed Diehl after he beat out Lindstrom and Kingston. With that being said, he said he'd back the Republican ticket yet isn't sure if he's going to vote for the moment that has everyone talking today, unfold here:

After the initial comment during the debate, Baker has since stated that what he said was a mistake and that he misspoke. When prompted, he did clarify that yes, he will be voting for Geoff Diehl. See the moment he clarified after the debate when reporters caught up with him:

Do you believe Charlie actually revealed his true feelings during the debate and that he really is not going to vote for Geoff Diehl then quickly realized the fallout and "corrected himself"? Will he secretly vote for Elizabeth Warren but publically deny it? We have no way of really knowing what he'll do but he's certainly generated a lot of talk after last night's debate and some say he lost a chunk of votes after that "slip up". What's your thoughts? Will you still vote for Baker after his latest comments? 

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