How to interact with police: new video for TX kids

The state of Texas is implementing new coursework within their high school curriculum. It includes how to interact with police officers. What that includes is a mandatory 16 minute video that takes you through various scenarios that might occur and in that how to deal and interact with law enforcement. In addition, police officers throughout the state are receiving new instruction in their police academies as to how to operate and deal with the community in various scenarios so it's an all around new initiative to try and improve police/community relations. On the academic side, this education is being taught to grades 9-12. This intiative is new this year as part of the Community Safety Education Act. 

This is the video that is being shown to students throughout Texas high schools:


What do you think of this new educational initiative? I personally think it's a good idea. It's smart with everything happening in our country surrounding the negative relations between officers and civilians. Clearly there needs to be more understanding and communication and this is a step in improving that. This certainly can't hurt and it gives people a better understanding on both sides in how to properly act in various scenarios. 

-Producer Lightning


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