Red Sox win the ALCS & Sing Happy Birthday to Cora

CONGRATULATIONS RED SOX! ALCS Champions! It was game 5 that the Sox took home the title. Pitcher David Price can now finally say he won a post season game; he has not ever done so up until this point. The Sox won in Houston too, not at home. During all the excitement and celebration in the locker room, they used 35 cases of Chandon sparkling wine and a half of pallet of Sam Adams '76. 


In addition, for those who didn't know, yesterday was Red Sox Manager Alex Cora's birthday. He couldn't have asked for a better birthday present! That'll go down in history as the best way he ever celebrated his birthday. His team even sang happy birthday to him while they were popping bottles and you can't help but smile...


Up next the World Series! Here is a official game winning moment. Enjoy!


-Producer Lightning


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