Congratulations Red Sox! World Series Champs!


The Red Sox got it done! CONGRATULATIONS RED SOX-2018 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! In game 5 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, the Red Sox captured the title. The Sox were on the road in LA when they officially won their 4th game to clutch the title. That didn't dampened the celebration though. There were plenty of Red Sox fans in the stands to celebrate with them. Watch the official moment they became WORLD SERIES CHAMPS:


It's been a long road for the Sox and the players (some more than others) have come a long way to take home the trophy. What the bullpen did in the post season came high and above what anyone could have predicted. If you told Red Sox nation that in the post season, Joe Kelly was going to be the one who only gave up 4 hits, no runs, and no walks while striking out 10, they'd think you were joking. Yet he did and that's the reality of it! Not to mention what David Price did...he started and won Game 2, got two outs in relief in Game 3, warmed up in the bullpen in Game 4, and then started Game 5 where he only gave up 3 hits and 1 run in seven innings. Talk about putting in the work! Incredible. There's no doubt it was an emotional time for not just him but all the players...


Red Sox Manager, Alex Cora is also a big part of this win. His strategic moves that at times no one understood, time and time again payed off. The rookie manager shocked the nation and brought home a trophy that Boston is beyond grateful for!


As for the series MVP, it went to Mr. Steve Pearce! He is one of the few players to literally play for every team in the AL East at one time or another up to this point. He finally found a good home with the Red Sox. In Game 5 Pearce hit 2 home runs to bring Boston up 5 to 1. Pearce spoke after the win: "You never know where the game will take you. And I've gone through a lot in my life or in my career to be here, and I couldn't be more thankful."


No doubt, there was lots of celebrating in LA after the Red Sox win that carried on for long into the night. Here are some of the joyous moments:

Mitch Moreland
Mookie Betts & J.D. Martinez

The Red Sox are due home from LA sometime today, Monday October 29th, 2018 and what a sweet welcome it will be at Logan Airport. Boston's celebratory parade will be held this Wednesday the 31st on Halloween. Details about the specifics of the parade like time are still being worked out but rest assured the duck boats are already lining up, ready to go! 

2018 World Series Champs!


2018 Red Sox World Champs!

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