2018 Top Halloween Pet Costumes!

We're on the eve of Halloween and I ask, have you picked out your pet's costume yet? Are you dressing your pet up? You might be surprised that while yes kids dress up, so do pets! People love to dress their pets up in various Halloween costumes because pets are our fur babies and like our kids too! Plus it's just so darn cute! With that being said, according to data from Amazon, these are the top 10 most sold pet costumes: Beware some of these are so adorable, they're to die for!

1) Lion


2) Dinosaur


3) Star Wars


4) Wonder Woman


5) Unicorn


6) Minion


7) Spider-man


8) Mickey Mouse

*Might need to get this one for one of my two dogs!!*


9) Captain America


10) Frozen character


Are these not the cutest costumes for your pet ever?! Adorable! Share with us your pictures of your dressed up furry friend!

-Producer Lightning


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