Death Row Inmates Last Meals Pop Up Restaurant

In the spirit of Halloween, we ask if you were ever on death row, what would your last meal request be? A pop up restaurant in Toyko's red light district of Kabukichi, Shinjuku during the month of October offered patrons meals designed exactly after famous death row inmates last meals. 


Some examples of meals offered at Ningen restaurant in Toyko are as follows:

Death Row Inmate Gary Mark Gilmore: Hamburger, baked potato, hard-boiled egg and three Jack Daniels shots.

Death Row Inmate “Black Widow” Judy Buonoano: Asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes and strawberries.

Death Row Inmate Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy: Bucket of KFC, french fries, pound of strawberries and fried shrimp.


The Ningen Restaurant pop up only lasted for about 2 weeks serving these famous last meals. Was it in spirit of Halloween? While that's not confirmed, probably, since we are in the month of October. With that being said, what would your last meal be? Sweet? Sour? Breakfast food? Snacks? Dinner? It can be anything and doesn't even have to make sense! Kim is thinking fried chicken might be a possibility for her last meal. What's yours?

-Producer Lightning



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